Weekly Link Roundup - January 16, 2017

This week, we’ve got 7 year olds starting recycling companies and the Ontario government getting serious about saving pizzas and man caves from climate change. Read on for more!

  • How Patagonia Is Recycling Bottles Into Jackets
    • Patagonia has been an environmental steward long before their pledge to donate all of the 10 million dollars they earned on Black Friday in 2016 to environmental causes. “In 1993, Patagonia produced the first polyester fleece jacket from recycled bottles. It had a green tint, from green soda bottles. Now, manufacturing waste, plastic bottles, and worn out clothing is recycled into new apparel, literally closing the recycling loop. Patagonia’s product line has expanded from fleece jackets to include 82 products with recycled polyester, including insulated pants, down jackets, and beanies.”
  • How H+M Is Trying To Balance Fast Fashion With Revolutionary Recycling
    • In partnership with I:CO, H&M runs a massive recycling facility in Wolfen, Germany, with similar plants in the U.S. and India. “Everything in Wolfen is used, in one way or another. The most worn-out cotton items head to a shredder, where they are gradually broken down and repackaged into inviting bales of fluff, and become wipes and cleaning cloths. The absurd amount of dust produced by the sorting, shredding, and baling is sucked up into brickettes and sold to the paper industry. The reusable clothes—and about 60% of what ends up in Wolfen is still wearable—are sorted by type, fabric, color and quality, packed in 130 to 175 pound bales, and shipped to any of 90 countries (predominantly in Eastern Europe and Africa) for re-sale in used clothing stores.” Did you catch that? Even dust is recycled at the plant!
  • Sweden’s Recycling is so Revolutionary, The Country Has Run Out of Rubbish
    • Less than 1 percent of Swedish household waste has been sent to landfill since 2011! They actually import rubbish from other countries just to keep their recycling plants going. We should all be so efficient.
  • 7-Year-Old California Boy Saves 10K For College With His Own Recycling Company
    • Yep, you read that right. What’s even more amazing is that he’s 7 years old now. He started the venture when he was 3–albeit with the help of his parents, of course.
  • Ontario is Taking Steps to Save The Pizzas and Man Caves From Climate Change
    • Here’s a few lighthearted video ads about climate change from our very own provincial government. See the official site for the campaign here.

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Weekly Link Roundup - January 16, 2017
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Weekly Link Roundup - January 16, 2017
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