Happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate it! Our first link roundup of the new lunar year has old favourites Bulk Barn, G-Star and Patagonia once again making waves.

  • G-Star Raw, Plastic Soup Foundation Team Up Against Microfiber Pollution in Oceans
    • First it was the “RAW for the oceans partnership”, in which G-Star created jeans from ocean plastic waste. Now, it’s on the new goal of using 100% recycled material as an alternative to normal polyester by 2020. Their clothing line currently uses roughly 10% of polyester in its products.
  • Bulk Barn Has Embraced The Zero Waste Movement
    • Great news for the Zero Waste Movement: beginning February 24, 2017, Bulk Barn will be accepting reusable containers at all their stores across Canada. The pilot, which allowed customers to bring in their own reusable containers to fill products with, launched in Liberty Village in Toronto last October and will be expanded nationwide in February.
  • “A Plastic Tide” Film Depicts Shocking Plastic Pollution Worldwide
    • “The ocean where life on Earth began is being turned into a synthetic soup. With these words, Sky News science correspondent Thomas Moore embarks on a journey to explore the immense problem of plastic pollution.” This 45 minute documentary about global plastic pollution looks like another must see.
  • Patagonia Just Made Another Major Move To Save The Earth And Your Wallet
    • Patagonia’s unprecedented announcement that it would donate all of it’s Black Friday sales last year made headlines, especially when the record breaking total figure of $10 million was revealed. Their commitment to the environment wasn’t a one-off event. Beginning April 2017, their customers will be able to bring used Patagonia products in to receive credits towards new items. “Patagonia will then clean, repair, and sell the older donated items at discounted prices on their new Word Wear website.”
  • High Tech Indoor Food Recycler Has Raised Over 6 Times Its Goal On Indiegogo
    • Composting at home is a great way to reducing food waste, but for many, it’s still too much of a hassle, too messy, too smelly. For those people, the Zera Food Recycler might be a great alternative. “The indoor machine serves as a collection bin for kitchen scraps throughout the week and then, as the company claims, turns them into nutrient-rich fertilizer in just 24 hours without any offensive smells along the way.”

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Weekly Link Roundup - January 30, 2017
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Weekly Link Roundup - January 30, 2017
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