Top 10 Tips For Reducing Food Waste

Top 10 Tips for Reducing Food Waste

“Finish your food! There are children starving in Africa!”

Does this sound familiar? The sound of our parents trying to guilt us into finishing all the food off our plates is one we’re sure you heard from yours as well. The irony is that it’s a statement that’s probably more effective now on us as adults than it was when we were children. And it’s even more applicable in today’s culture of excessive portion sizes and super-sized menu options, resulting in enormous amounts of food waste.

Throw in some mind-boggling, guilt-inducing statistics like the fact that the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted annually worldwide could feed the almost 1 billion hungry people on the planet, and it’s no longer just an innocent statement from a mother scolding their child. It’s a statement describing a global problem, one that we all need to help solve. Even in Canada, almost 850,000 people needed help from a food bank in just the month of March, 2014. Meanwhile, the amount of food Canadians wasted in the same year totaled $31 billion.


(via Food Banks Canada)

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