Weekly Link Roundup 10.3.16

Those of you who follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus know we post regular updates about interesting links and news we find on the internet.

We realize that while everyone may not have time for social media, everyone does have time to read our amazing blog right?

So, starting this week, we’ve decided to post a weekly roundup of some of the links we’ve posted to social media, as well as other cool stuff we’ve found.

Here’s our first roundup!

  • People of Toronto: Stop putting takeout cups in the blue bin
    • Did you know that your Tim Horton’s and Starbucks’ coffee cups are actually not recyclable? The coating that prevents them from leaking can damage recycling machines and ruin other recyclables. They belong in the garbage. Their plastic lids (as long as they’re not made from black plastic) and cardboard sleeves, however, are recyclable.
  • ‘A lot of money’ could be made diverting organics from landfill
    • Even though Toronto has a green bin program for homeowners, 40% of the garbage sent to landfills is organic material that can be composted. Many condos and high-rises still aren’t composting food waste.
  • Give your batteries new life, Ontario. Recycle Them!
    • Call2Recycle will take your used batteries. Find a location near you to recycle them, as they cannot be put into the regular garbage because they are considered hazardous waste.
  • How to pack a litter-free school lunch
    • The average child generates 67 pounds of garbage from lunch packaging every school year! Learn how to reduce the amount of garbage they produce by packing a litter-free school lunch.
  • 7 Great Food Leftover Recipes
    • If you or your family members aren’t fond of leftovers, turn them into something new by including them into one of these great recipes.

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Weekly Link Roundup - October 3rd, 2016
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Weekly Link Roundup - October 3rd, 2016
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